About Champions Fire College

On behalf of the members of the Champions Fire College Standards and Education Commission and the staff of the Champions Fire College, thank you for visiting our virtual campus. It is our job to prepare firefighters and first responders to protect communities from the loss of life and property. We accomplish this mission by delivering excellent training courses and by administering the process of fire service certification across Canada, the United States and the World. We are also proud to provide our services to private industry and to the Canadian Forces and the U. S. Department of Defense firefighting forces located at military installations around the world.
To achieve our mission, we are guided by the pursuit of five core pillars:

  1. Providing excellent education and training
  2. Supporting the fire service and first responders
  3. Promoting higher education for the fire service and first responders
  4. Providing excellent customer service
  5. Ensuring stewardship of public resources

Again, thank you for your interest in our institution, and please let us know how we can best serve you.

With kindest regards,
Dean Colthorp
Executive Director