Evaluator Process


Hands-on Skills Evaluations


Champions Fire College completes the hands on skills evaluations for all applicable Job Performance Requirements (JPR) as outlined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) using qualified Evaluators. Evaluators are selected by Champions Fire College based on their completion of the Fire Service Instructor Level II and the applicable NFPA standard that is needed for evaluation. Evaluations are completed using Skill Sheets that are produced by Champions Fire College based on our accreditation application related to specific NFPA standards. The Evaluator gauges the performance of the student as per the Skills Sheet and the related JPR. Champions Fire College strongly believes that all JPRs should be measured as outlined in the NFPA standard.

Evaluators involved in the instruction of the training ARE NOT PERMITTED to act as an Evaluator.


  • The evaluation area is laid out such that the student/candidate can be evaluated individually while the other student/candidate is separated in a space where they cannot see or hear the evaluation.
  • Identification of all student/candidates shall be checked prior to the evaluation
  • Evaluation Rules will be read to the candidate before beginning the evaluation
  • The Evaluator is responsible for the safety of the student/candidate at all times.


  • DO NOT allow any unauthorized person(s) to be present during the evaluation.
  • Treat all student/candidate fairly and with respect. Discrimination against any student/candidate will not be tolerated.
  • Remain objective when dealing with the student/candidate and considerate of their individual circumstances. Do not treat any student/candidate preferentially or place any individual or group at a disadvantage compared to any other individual or group. Treat all student/candidate as equally valued participants.
  • DO NOT leave the student/candidate alone while the evaluation is in progress.
  • DO NOT provide any assistance or coaching to the candidates regarding the skills they are demonstrating, except when their safety or the safety of others is at risk. If the candidate cannot demonstrate the skill without coaching, it will be marked as “fail”. If there is a safety concern, stop the evaluation immediately to address it.
  • Student/Candidate failing a specific skill(s) may attempt the skill(s) a second time during the same scheduled evaluation.
  • DO NOT allow any student/candidate to leave the evaluation facility during the evaluation, except at a scheduled break.
  • Document the actions of any student/candidate who violates the Evaluation Rules and send this information to the Director of Champions Fire College


  • Immediately after the evaluation, ensure all paperwork has been filled out and signed. Place the following items in the return envelope:
  • The evaluation package MUST be sent by courier to Champions Fire College as soon as possible no later than 48 hours after the evaluation. If the evaluations cannot be shipped immediately, ALL materials must be locked in a secure location that only you can access.




Hands-on Skill Evaluations

Infractions of the evaluation rules will not be tolerated. If you violate these rules, you will

be required to leave the evaluation area and will not be allowed to complete the evaluation.

  • The grading system is Pass or Fail. All tasks listed on the Skills Sheets must be passed to pass the evaluation.
  • You must not leave the evaluation area once the evaluation has started. If you do, you will not be allowed to continue.
  • You must not communicate with others while you are being evaluated, except where it is part of the task under evaluation. You must not coach other candidates while they are being evaluated.
  • No student/candidate is allowed to watch or listen to the evaluations of other student/candidate, unless completing a team or partner task.
  • Do not ask the evaluator to coach you. If you cannot complete the skill without coaching, it will be marked as “fail”.
  • If you are unable to complete the skill on your first attempt, you may be given a second attempt, at the discretion of the evaluator.
  • If at any time you feel that it is unsafe for you to demonstrate a skill, or if you have any other safety concerns, inform the evaluator immediately.
  • Once you have completed a skill, inform the evaluator.

•   Turn off all cellphones and other electronics and place them and all other personal items where they cannot be accessed during the evaluation.